Collingwood Star Jack Crisp Leaked Video Snap Notice

Collingwood Star Jack Crisp Snapchat Leaked Video Notice

 AFL's Collingwood star, Jack Crisp have been found wanting over the scandalous leaked Snapchat pictures of him making rounds on the internet.

 29 years old Jack Crisp is an AFL game play who have played for Brisbane Lions in 18 games and 185 for Collingwood.

 Currently, Jack Crisp is involved in a scandal due to a leaked video that has gone viral on social media.

 The video contains references to illicit drugs and fresh Snapchat pictures have since been reportedly released and trending.

 The incident has caught the attention of fans and the public, who eagerly await further information on the matter.

 In addition to that, we learnt that Jack Crisp will be interviewed by the AFL Integrity Unit upon his return from Brisbane.

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