Android 14 Beta 2: New Updates to know About

One of the key features introduced in Android 14 Beta 2 is the Predictive Back gesture.

 Android 14 Beta 2 is the latest update to Google's mobile operating system, bringing new features, improvements, and bug fixes to a select group of eligible Google Pixel handsets.

 In this article, we discuss the most notable changes and enhancements in this new beta release.

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Predictive Back Gesture

 One of the key features introduced in Android 14 Beta 2 is the Predictive Back gesture.

 This update involves more developer-side tweaks, allowing for smoother navigation and better user experience.

Lossless Audio over USB

 Android 14 Beta 2 adds support for lossless audio over USB, which means you can now connect to audiophile-grade headphones and amplifiers without any mixing, volume adjustment, or processing to the audio.

 This improvement enables a more authentic listening experience for audiophiles and music enthusiasts.

Camera Extensions Upgrade

 The latest beta also upgrades and improves Camera Extensions.

 This allows apps to handle longer processing times and enables improved image quality using advanced computational techniques.

Bug Fixes

 Android 14 Beta 2 addresses a variety of bugs and stability issues present in the previous version.

 Some of the fixes include resolving a platform stability issue that could cause the UI to lag or freeze, apps to crash, or the entire device to malfunction.


 Android 14 Beta 2 is an important step towards a more polished and refined user experience for Android users.

 With its enhanced features and bug fixes, this update promises to deliver a smoother, more enjoyable experience for Google Pixel owners who are part of the beta program.

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