Stranded Horse Rescued from Backyard Pool with Help of Tractor and Harness in Florida

Stranded Horse Rescued from Backyard Pool with Help of Tractor and Harness in Florida.
Pasco County Fire Rescue on Facebook.

In a surprising turn of events, a stranded horse in Florida needed rescuing after it accidentally jumped into a backyard pool. 

Thanks to the quick intervention of first responders and their resourcefulness, the horse was safely hoisted out of the pool using a tractor and harness.

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The Incident: A Spooked Horse Takes a Dive

Mo, the horse, was in his owner's yard when he suddenly got spooked and tried to leap over the above-ground pool.

Unfortunately, Mo miscalculated his jump and ended up splashing down into the shallow water. Thankfully, the horse was not injured in the incident.

Fire Officials to the Rescue

Upon receiving the distress call, Pasco County Fire Rescue arrived at the scene. 

They assessed the situation and decided to use a hoisting harness and a tractor to lift the horse out of the pool. 

The quick thinking and careful execution by the firefighters ensured Mo's safety throughout the rescue.

Successful Rescue Operation

The rescue operation was carried out successfully, and Mo was lifted out of the pool with the help of a tractor.

The firefighters' expertise and resourcefulness ensured that Mo was safely returned to solid ground without any injuries.


This unusual incident highlights the importance of having trained professionals ready to respond to emergencies, even those involving animals. 

Mo's rescue from the backyard pool is a testament to the dedication and skills of the Pasco County Fire Rescue team.

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